Outlook Express setup for National Access
(also for Outlook versions prior to Outlook 2002)

Outlook Express by default is setup to NOT allow emails to be sent outside the network you are in. For National access to send email you need to change one setting to be able to send emails.. Follow this proicedure to set the proper setting.

Choose tools from the top menu bar and then select Accounts as shown below:

In the new window that comes up, select the tab at the top that says Mail. Your account with us should be highlited, if not click on it. Then select Properties to the right as below:

In the new window, select the Tab that says Servers. At the bottom of this window you will then see

"My Server requires authenication". The box in front of it must be checked! If not click on the box to check it. as below:

Then click on the Apply Button followed by the OK button which will close the window. In the remaining window click on close. At this point you can send email from any National Dialup point or anywhere out side our network.

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