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Setup Checklist

Trouble sending email follow these instructions!

Outlook Express Setup and earlier Outlook

Outlook 2002 Setup

Apple Mail program

In order to use the service it is necessary for us to modify your access login name. Your login name will be modified to have a (lower case!) added to it.

If it was SmithJ it will now become

This new login name will be used both in and outside of Grand County.

You will also have to have a local number for the area you are in. You can find these numbers at: the right. You will put them in without the area code in order for it to be a local call! In some areas of the US a local area code is now required!

You are linited to 325 hours per month an average of about 10 hours per day.

If you do not find a number that is a local call in this list, then you can not use this service.

It may be necessary for you to add an option to Outlook Express in order to Send Email. if you have problems give me a call.

6/4/07 - We were sent an email that many of the national numbers were changed as of June 1st. The only number to use in Grand County is 887-1106, In Denver use 303-997-0210. Numbers have changed in many other cities across the US. Go to the Map to lookup the newest numbers.